The following information provides an overview of the security measures designed and implemented by CircleCo, Inc. ("Circle") to protect its systems, including the physical, technical, and administrative controls that govern access and use of the systems.

  1. Introduction
  2. Governance and Policies
  3. Breach response

Circle has a breach response plan that has been developed to address data breach events. The plan is tested and updated at least annually.

  1. Intrusion, anti-virus and anti-malware defenses
  2. Access controls
  3. Availability and Back-up personal data
  4. Segmentation of personal data
  5. Disposal of IT equipment
  6. Encryption
  7. Transmission or transport of personal data
  8. Device hardening
  9. Asset and Software management
  10. Physical security
  11. Staff training and awareness
  12. Selection of service providers and commission of services
  13. Assistance with Data Subject Rights Requests